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Alaska Mosquitos

About Mosquitos

Don’t believe the hype.

Alaska mosquitoes will bug off if you just know the right tricks.

There’s definitely good reason why many Alaskans feel the mosquito should be Alaska’s State bird. They are quite large. Fact is mosquitoes are a common sight in all of Alaska and at times during the summer, they can be downright annoying. But, there are a few remedies that do not involve rubbing deet (poison) all over your face.

One proven mosquito detractant is a product made by Avon called Skin-So-Soft. It works and it’s not toxic.

Another trick is taking regular doses of vitamin B-1 a few weeks before leaving for Alaska. Once you build it up, mosquitoes seem to think you stink and they leave you alone.

And finally, though not personally tested, a battery operated unit has been introduced designed to buzz away mosquitoes. That’s right you buzz them with a high pitch whine and they are supposed to avoid you like the plague. Someone told me they are selling them at Costco, let me know if it works!