Alaska Fishing with
Mark Glassmaker

Est. 1990

For the past 27 years, Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker has been providing high-quality Alaska fishing trips to visitors from across the globe.  Our Kenai River Guides have been carefully selected to foster professionalism and respect for the resource while introducing anglers to some of the most prolific salmon, trout and halibut fishing in the world.  We are truly blessed to have the Kenai Peninsula and surrounding waters in our backyard and our Kenai River Guides pride themselves in knowing every facet of not only the Kenai and the Kasilof Rivers but also surrounding salt waters as well as fly destinations on the West Side of Cook Inlet and beyond.

Not only do we pride our company’s reputation on the quality of our Kenai River Guides, we are equally proud of the equipment we employ every day.  Beginning with a fleet of custom-made Willie power and drift boats to the most cutting-edge rods, reels and tackle available, we do not cut any corners on gear.  You can expect every inch of our boats and equipment to be hand washed the night prior to your trip along with all the fishing gear carefully rigged and prepared for maximum success.  We want to catch fish just as much, if not more than you do. Attention to detail and proper preparation will help ensure you have a lot more than just luck on your side.

Our Gear

We provide high-performance fishing rods, reels, lines and cutting-edge lures, bait, and hooks. We promise and deliver the most advanced angling equipment available. Click read more to see a detailed list of what we consider the “tools of our trade.”

Our Guides

One primary ingredient to Mark’s recipe for success is using only quality, professional, and courteous guides. Hand selected from the largest guide body in the state, Mark is very particular about who his customers fish with. An unpleasant skipper can easily overshadow even the best fishing, so we go out of our way to ensure you are very well taken care of on the water. Our guides enjoy what they do and are very proficient in their chosen profession.

Our Boats

We exclusively use custom-built Willie power and drift boats on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers.  These floating works of art are hand built and custom designed right down to the inch.  Every feature is designed specifically for the fishing we do on the Kenai River and the end result s a very comfortable and efficient vessel to fish from.

Giving Back

In 2013, Mark Glassmaker created this annual event in conjunction with the Kenai River Professional Guide Association and the Kenai River Sportfishing Association to help foster environmental conservation among local elementary students and to ultimately help clean up the Kenai River. Since its inception, this popular community event has helped over 3000 school kids remove more than 14,000 lbs of trash from the iconic Kenai River!




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