Pink Salmon Fishing Alaska

Pink Salmon Average Size:
5-7 LBS.
Pink Salmon World Record:
12 lbs., 10 oz. Kenai River, Alaska. 2016.
Fishing Methods:

Pink Salmon or humpback salmon are only available in the Kenai River on even-numbered years. Their semi-annual returns are hard to miss as literally millions of them arrive at once. These bountiful Pink Humpy Salmon fill the river for about three weeks and are available to catch from late July into September. Our Alaska Fishing guides know where to take you for the best fishing experience.

Children love fishing for and catching Alaska Pink Salmon one after another, and even adults have been known to join the chaos. Pinks have high oil content in their meat and are best for eating when taken just out of the saltwater. Fishing for Alaska Pink Salmon is done using the same techniques used to catch Alaska silver salmon and they provide great fishing action while targeting Alaska coho salmon.

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