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8 – 15 lbs.  Fish 15 – 20 lbs. not uncommon.
29.5 lbs. Hoh River, Washington. March, 2009.
Drift fishing, Bobber fishing, Fly fishing, Back-trolling plugs


Situk Steelhead are among the most prestigious anadromous game fish on the planet and they command special respect and lore that only the most disserting and accomplished angler can embrace. The Situk cuts its magical swath through pristine Southeast Alaska rainforest and its unique substrate, flow, mineral content all combine to create the most ideal steelhead stream imaginable. With an annual return of 4,500-8,000 fish, the Situk hosts the largest steelhead run in the state. This is comprised of both winter and spring-run fish with their spawn occurring in April and May. The bulk of the fish are 8-12 lbs. although fish 15-20 lbs. are not uncommon. When planning your steelhead guided Alaska fishing trip, the river is accessible via the town of Yakutat which sees two flights daily from Alaska Airlines via Seattle or Anchorage. From there transportation is provided and you can get checked into the Glacier Bear Lodge. Glacier Bear is an excellent home base as it is centrally located and offers nice rooms, hot showers, good food, and a bar.

 Kenai Peninsula Steelhead Fishing is primarily a fall pursuit and takes place on the southern Kenai Peninsula rivers: The Anchor, Deep Creek, Ninilchik and the Upper Kasilof.  These fall runs begin in late August and early September and typically peak in the middle of October.  These trips are strictly walk and wade excursions and require a certain degree of hiking ability and wading mobility.  Chest waders are a must.  None of these rivers receive huge returns of steelhead so success is hit and miss and largely dependent on favorable weather conditions and run timing as well as persistence.  Both conventional tackle and fly fishing work well.


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