Willie Boats

We have always taken a great deal of pride in our equipment and our boats are no exception.  On both the Kenai and the Kasilof Rivers, we exclusively use custom Willie Boats.  Based out of Central Point Oregon, Willie Boats have long been the vessel of choice among Kenai and Kasilof River guides.  The ability to customized these boats down to the inch allows us to provide the perfect boat for the fishing we do. This creates a huge advantage for you the angler and from the moment you step foot in our boats, you will immediately understand why Willie Boats are simply the best.”  

Power Boats

On the Kenai River, we run custom built Willie Classics.  These 20′ 10″ river sleds feature a 10 degree entry or nose transitioning to radius bottom and finishing with a flat bottom design at the transom.  All this translates into a power boat specifically designed for the Kenai River and our 50 HP motor restriction.  Even under the heaviest of loads, the Willie Classic will have no problem getting on step and it cuts chop and boat wakes with ease. On the inside, these boats are the benchmark of comfort with a myriad of custom features all designed to optimize your fishing experience.

Drift Boats

On the neighboring drift boat only Kasilof River, we row Willie 19′ and 20′ drift boats.  When you as the guide are the sole means of propulsion for the day, you want a drift boat that rows flawlessly and Willie drift boats do exactly that.  The precision rake built into every boat makes them a joy to operate and custom designed interiors ensure the maximum comfort for you the angler.


Yamaha Motors

Just as Willie Boats are by far the most popular boat on the Kenai, Yamaha is an equally popular choice for propulsion. The Kenai recently saw the 35HP limit raised to 50 HP this past season and this makes the Yamaha 50HP four-stroke an obvious choice. So obvious apparently that year in and year out our local Yamaha dealer sells more outboards than any other dealer in the nation! This ultra-dependable workhorse will get up and roar when the bite is on down river, but it will also lay down and purr when it’s time to start fishing.


When you board our boats and take a seat, we hope you are pleasantly surprised by the support and comfort you find. Our seats are given an especially demanding assignment season after season when you consider the use and wear they endure from our nonstop summers. They see everything from freezing subzero temps to 80 degree blistering days in the midnight sun. With their long lasting seats and industry standard rod holders, Fish On -Tempress has been a mainstay on the Kenai for decades.