Enjoying Your Alaska Fishing Catch

Getting Your Catch Home

One of the most rewarding aspects of taking an amazing Alaska fishing trip with our team is enjoying your Alaska fishing catch! Whether you reeled in a trophy-sized Alaska king salmon, or your kids snagged the perfect pink humpy, we make preparing and transporting your fish as easy as possible! Cooking it up and enjoying your Alaska fishing catch is up to you, although we have some great recipes below!

We will fillet your catch as part of your guided Alaska fishing trip, and you will then need to take it to our processor for vacuum sealing and freezing. Our processor, Ed’s Kasilof Seafoods, is conveniently located on the main Sterling highway, on the West side of the Kenai River bridge. The processor will hold your cumulative fish during your visit and then upon your departure will package it for the airplane or overnight it to you once you arrive home. Either way, your Alaska fishing catch is assured to stay well packaged, insulated, and frozen for safe transfer to your freezer.

Alaska Salmon Recipes

Once you’re safely home with your hard-earned catch in the freezer, all that remains is to cook and enjoy it! Below are recipes for some of our favorite ways to enjoy your Alaska fishing catch.

  • Are you wondering how to smoke salmon? The first step in smoking salmon is called brining. This means soaking the fish is salted water for some period of time. Some...

  • Fried Salmon with Cornmeal Crust Here is another signature recipe from the webmaster. I must admit, this is one of my favorite ways to prepare salmon. Don’t think that because...

  • This is an exquisite yet rich dish that is sure to please everyone. Bernaise sauce is a French sauce prepared with white wine, parsley, tarragon, eggs, and green onions or...

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