Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Alaska Fishing guide Mark Glassmaker offers world-class Alaska salmon fishing trips on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers along with remote fly-out destinations in Southcentral and Western Alaska.

Alaska King Salmon Fishing Trips

King Salmon Alaska fishing on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers is world renown and for good reason. The Kenai River has the impressive distinction of producing the world’s largest sport-caught king salmon at 97 lbs. and 8 of the 10 largest sport-caught king salmon were taken on the Kenai! Alaska salmon fishing trips on both the Kenai and the Kasilof are known for larger than average strains of Chinook and therefore anglers from across the globe return year after year for a chance to catch one of these legendary salmon.

Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing Trips

Alaska sockeye or red salmon, pound for pound, are the hardest fighting salmon in the world. Fresh from the salt water, these beautiful Alaska Salmon are like silver torpedoes and they offer very consistent and exciting fishing action. Sockeye are also highly coveted for their rich meat and return by the hundreds of thousands making them a prime target for those wanting to fill the freezer. The Kenai and the Kasilof offer some of the largest and most abundant sockeye & red salmon fishing returns in all of Alaska.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing Trips

Silver salmon start entering the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers in early August and run well into late fall. These aggressive biters are known for their acrobatic fights. Once they arrive, fishing action is very consistent, and limits are common. Kenai and Kasilof silver salmon average 10-12lbs, with larger fish weighing 15-20lbs. We also fish silvers on our fly trips to the West Side of Cook Inlet and these runs begin arriving in late July and are very productive throughout the month of August and early September.

Alaska Pink Salmon Fishing Trips

Pink Salmon or Humpback (Humpies) salmon are only available in the Kenai on even-numbered years. Pink Salmon fill the river for about three weeks and are really very easy to catch. Children love fishing for and catching them one after another, and even adults have been known to join the pink salmon fishing chaos.

When you’re ready to enjoy the best salmon fishing in Alaska, we offer the perfect Alaska salmon fishing trips to accommodate your needs.

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