Alaska Fishing Report: June 27, 2014

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Alaska Fishing Report: June 27, 2014

The summer is rolling right along and so is the great fishing.  Our primary focus has been on the Kasilof for sockeye and this fishery has been nothing short of outstanding so far.  ADF&G Sonar counters have indicated a record number of sockeye have entered the Kasilof River thus far, with over 100,000 in the river to date.  This run is either early or extremely strong or both but only time will tell. For now we continue to see limit catches of chrome bright, ocean fresh sockeye on the Kasilof River and this means lots of action, and lots of very happy anglers!

The Kenai has also been producing some very good fishing for sockeye as well as trout.  The Russian river sockeye have all passed through and are now making their way through the Russian River.  Good pushes of late run Kenai sockeye have already begun to arrive and are producing limit to near limit catches already and it is not even July!  These are very large pristine sockeye and by far some of the most beautiful fish of the season.   Trout fishing has been good as well with lots of action.  We have not seen an abundance of large fish yet but this will happen soon as the sockeye salmon arrive in larger numbers and the carcass meat begins to pile up in the middle river.

Fly out fishing for sockeye salmon and bear viewing at Big River Lake remains excellent with lots of both fish and bears making this a very memorable and fun-filled adventure.

Halibut Fishing in Cook Inlet has also been great with limit catch’s of very healthy flat fish and a fair number of larger fish being taken daily.

All in all, it has been an excellent summer so far with lots of fish and this should only improve as we head rapidly into July. We will soon see the opening of king fishing on the lower Kenai, the peak of the late run sockeye fishery and more non-stop action for larger trophy rainbow trout and dolly varden.  Below, please enjoy some great pictures from the last week to ten days and keep checking back for the next report, it will be coming soon!